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Joyful artist
Choice of Activity
  • Canvas Painting
  • Pot Painting
(Theme: Animal / Underwater World / Dino Land)
*Only for Canvas painting
Fashion Whiz
Choice of Activity
  • T-Shirt Painting
  • Tote Bag
(Theme: Animal / Underwater World / Dino Land)
*Only for T-shirt painting
Birthday Party Package
Price from $588 onwards; min 12 pax

Package includes:
  1. Refreshments (only for party held in our studio)
  2. Art Speaks Studio invitation cards
  3. Goodies Bags for Kids
  4. Mystery Gift for Birthday Child
  5. Art Speaks Decoration & Party Setupinvitation cards

Additional Perks: Piñata @$50, Birthday Cupcakes @ $45 / 20 pcs

Fretting over what to do for your child's birthday? Why not indulge in a fun-filled art jamming party organised by us? We believe each child is unique and is the reason why our parties are fully customised to suit individual needs. Free yourself up to be a great host to your distinguished guests while we keep the children entertained.

Being able to bring back their very own canvas painting is the best party flavour you can provide for the children. Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion on how we can help in creating beautiful memories for your child that will last for a lifetime.

Birthday @ Art Speaks Studio